Complete Play List

A Cask of Amontillado (One Act Dramatic Adaptation)

A Dead Man Talks (One Act, Fools of Chelm Play)

A Question of Water (Full Length Play) 

Ancient Island in the Brain (One Act Play) 

Bad Feet (Fifteen Minute Play) 

Chelm Goes To War (One Act, Fools of Chelm Play) 

Driver's Ed. (Ten Minute Play) 

Driver's Side Air Bag (One Act Play) 

Five More Minutes (One Act Play) 

Ghosts Play One (One Act Play) 

Goodbye (One Act Play) 

Italy (Ten Minute Play)

Kidnapped: Persephone in the Underworld (One Act Adaptation of the Classic Greek Myth) 

Nailing the Books Shut (Fifteen Minute Play)

Necessary Poison (Ten Minute Play) 

No Chhh-anukah In Chhh-elm (One Act, Fools of Chelm Play)

No Known Country (Full Length Play) 

Normal Is A Country (Ten Minute Play) 

No Talking On The First Date (Ten Minute Play)

Poor Old Tom (One Act Play)

Round the World Tales (One Act Plays for Young Audiences)

Tammy (One Act Play)  

The Salesman (Fifteen Minute Play) 

The Bank (One Act Play)

The Conquest of Mexico (Full Length)

The Emperor's New Clothes (One Act Adaptation) 

The Fall of the House Of Usher (One Act Dramatic Adaptation) 

The First Day of School (Ten Minute Play)​

The Levels (One Act Play)

The Polite Bandit(Twenty Minute Play)

The Weight (Fifteen Minute Play) 

Ticket to Ride (One Act Play)

Tree Man (One Act Play) 

Trying On (Ten Minute Play)

Werthheimer Is Dead/Long Live Werthheimer (Full Length Play) ​

Where Things Are (Ten Minute Play)