No Chhhh-anukah in Chhhhelm (50 min) As Chanukah approaches, the poverty-stricken Fools of Chelm decide to capture the moon and charge admission to see it. Contact Heuer Publishing for copies and performance rights. https://www.hitplays.com/default.aspx?pg=sd&st=NO+CHHH-ANUKAH+IN+CHHH-ELM&p=3449

"A Dead Man Talks" (20 min) A Chelmite, injured in a fall from a tree, argues that he is dead until proven otherwise. To order go to Plays & Production Rights 

"Chelm Goes To War" (25 min) In order to end Chelm’s poverty, the city council votes to make war on the equally poor village of Gorshkov. Things go hilariously wrong when switched road signs lead the frying pan-wielding Chelmite warriors back to Chelm where they believe have entered a mirror world. First published by Red Hen Press in the anthology "Did Pirates Rip Her Arms Off?". To order go to Plays & Production Rights