"A Bride At Every Funeral, A Corpse At Every Wedding" (25,000 words) Marv Ronson, recently on parole after a second long prison term, is determined to stay out of trouble this time. He's an imposing figure, sculpted by bodybuilding, full of rough charm but a little slow in his thinking and prone to an emotional confusion whose origins lie in the fraught relationships he had in his father growing up. With nothing is breaking his way, Marv begins to feel the pull toward crime again. He seeks aid from his younger brother Jay and the two brothers are set on a path toward a confrontation with their dying father, their past and the possibility of a different future.​ Available for downloading to Kindle and other devices at Amazon ($2.99)

"Pablo, Pablito" (35,000 words) tells the dream-like story of a few days in the life of twenty year old Pablo, an urban Latino, only five feet tall, painfully nice and unfailingly helpful to others, a young man both plagued and sustained by his lively imagination, native goodness and naive, blossoming sexuality. Over that time, Pablo gets fired from his job due to an invasion of 'frogs', eludes the predatory widow Miss Pamela and a second 'attack of the robes', rescues the escape-artist-watchmaker Grand Uncle Leo, fells a giant with a stone, runs from the police and, most importantly, meets the high-spirited, troubled, truant teenager Dakota who gives him her first kiss that ignites the novella's surreal, comic, heartfelt adventures. A rare, lovely, uniquely told tale of first love and self-discovery, in an atmosphere all its own.