Reading Copies and Production Rights for most of the plays listed on this website are available by contacting me at   Plays published by Brooklyn Publishing  by Heuer Publishing    and by Pioneer Drama Service are available through them

Reading Copies 

I will be happy to e-mail or mail copies of my plays for reading purposes only. Fees can be paid by check or Paypal (payment to  and are as follows:

$6 to e-mail ten minute plays

$8 to mail ten minute plays

$8 to e-mail one-acts

$10 to mail one-acts

$12 to e-mail full length plays

$15 to mail full length plays

Production Rights  

Royalties for production of my unpublished plays are:

$30 per performance of a short play or one-act play

$60 per performance of a full length 

Again, simply e-mail me at  you will have the play in no time at all.